The alternative certification program allowed me the flexibility to earn my credential, while also being in the classroom with my kids.
– Gerardo, 5th Grade Teacher


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What is Alternative Certification?

Simply put, alternative certification is the ideal way for mature individuals with established professional and/or life experience to segue into teaching. With deep content knowledge and expertise, candidates can teach in the classroom while simultaneously earning their teaching credential. Highly selective, alternative certification programs provide rigorous training before the teacher steps into the classroom and continue to provide training and support throughout the program. This ensures every one of these highly-committed, highly-skilled teachers is exceptionally prepared.

Alternative Certification is:

  • Highly selective
  • Rigorous
  • Ideal for second-career professionals
  • Results in the same credential as traditional teacher preparation
  • Meets the need for highly-skilled teachers
  • Gives back to the community
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