I left law school and today I am doing what I wanted, just in a different way. Instead of in the courtroom, I am advocating for children in the classroom.  
– Martina, Special Education Teacher


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Benefits of Alternative Certification

Above all else, alternative certification programs produce teachers with exceptional knowledge in key subject areas, and first-rate teaching skills. But beyond that, it provides tangible benefits to both the district and the candidate.

Benefits to the District:

  • High retention – more than 70% of teachers are still on the job after five years
  • Attracts more males and ethnically diverse teachers
  • Meets the need for teachers of all grade levels both in urban communities, as well as California’s more rural school districts.
  • Produces in-demand math, science and special education teachers
  • Nimble – highly-qualified teachers can seamlessly enter classrooms where they are needed most
  • Participants are committed to serving in traditionally hard-to-staff schools

Benefits to the Candidate:

  • Can enter the classroom quickly
  • Employment meets student teaching requirement
  • Provides an opportunity to contribute in a significant way to underserved communities
  • On-site support – mentored throughout by veteran teacher
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