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Third Annual CATC Conference

Capital Ideas: Leaders Networking With Leaders

The 3rd annual California Teacher Corps Conference was held on April 14th and 15th in our capital, Sacramento. Hundreds of teacher preparation leaders came together from local and state leadership to engage in conversations about our shared goals in preparing highly qualified teachers through Alternative Certification routes.

Special thanks to the following people for contributing to that success:

Nancy Brownell
Teri Burns
Bonnie Charlton
Lee Crockett
Teresa Daniels
Oscar Delgado
Mary Enevoldsen
Meredith Fellows
Donna Glassman-Sommer
Jim Huber
Belinda Karge
Catherine Kearney
Joan Kienzle
Joel Laguna
Lisa Liddle
Amalia Lopez
Marvin Lopez
Norma Lovelace
Marjorie McCabe
Michael McKibbin
Corinne Muelrath
Patricia Pernin
Jane Robb
Tania Schalburg-Dykes
David Simmons
Patricia Wick
Embassy Suites Hotel staff
And all the other volunteers who assisted at the conference!

We appreciate you!


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